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Sascha's - yin and yang.
Rushing through the teeming rain, she caught her stiletto, and down she went. At her arm suddenly, she felt a hand and looked up into a very chistled face. Are you alright? Can I help, he said. " "Oh, I'm on my way into Sascha's, for a ginger martini.' she said. " Me too, its filet and cocktail night for $18. Here, let me help you up, cause, them shoes ain't made for walkin." They entered candlelit romantic Sascha's,. They both approached the bar. She turned and kissed her
boyfriend hello and he turned and kissed his. They winked back at each other.

A moment in time.

Sascha's - your yin and yang.
He rolled over in bed. She was still miffed at him. I know how to fix this he thought. " How about dinner at Sascha's tonight? They have your favorite crabcakes." he said alluringly. She smiled and all anger faded away, " Yes, we had our first date at Sascha's., good save" 
He thought, I fixed my romantic problem and saved some money-Sascha's Tuesday special- crabcake and cocktail $18.
You rock , he thought.